Nimlok Canada Rental Solution delivers a brilliant custom look at pricing within reach. Our designers develop a broad range of unique designs, displays, and structures within budget constraints.

convenient, economical & striking Nimlok Canada custom rental solutions provide cost effective ways to make a significant branding impact. Create scalability within existing exhibits by including innovative rental property designs that are tailored to specific requirements.

save money & space Rental Solutions are a perfect cost-effective alternative to purchasing Custom Exhibits and eliminate the cost of storage and maintenance. Nimlok Canada even offers you the option to purchase your Rental Solution at a discount.

reduce, reuse, recycle… rent! Nimlok Canada is a leader in its use of recyclable materials and pioneered the industries exhibit recycling program. Renting reusable Nimlok materials is an environmentally- friendly alternative to building and disposing of custom exhibits.

Call us today to design your next exhibit that only you will know it is a RENTAL