Installation & Dismantle Services

Let Nimlok take the stress out of your next trade show setup. We have been a partner with Sho-Link, one of the industry’s leading installation and dismantle companies, since 1993.

Show Services

As a premier global solutions provider for the trade show industry, we provide a wide array of trade show services designed to simplify the process and ease every decision you make.

From shipping, installation, dismantle, return shipping to storage of your display, we do it all.

All you have to do is show up. We’ll take care of the rest.

Sho-Link I&D Services

Sho-Link professionals are trained in the Nimlok framework systems and have been installing and building Nimlok exhibits for over 30 years. Nimlok + Sho-Link makes your trade show seamless and successful by providing:

  • Deep expertise in installing and dismantling Nimlok portable, modular, and custom trade show exhibits
  • Experience with every trade show booth size – from 10’x10’ to 100’x100’ double-deck
  • Commitment to service – support on and off the show floor
  • Streamlined communication and ordering – dedicated single point of contact
  • Convenient online ordering
  • Order confirmation in 24 hours and billing within 7 days after show close
  • Coordination with your Nimlok expert for pre-show planning

Visit and ask your Nimlok representative about Sho-Link trade show services.

Silicon edge graphic fabric being assembledSilicon edge graphic fabric being assembled