Our History

Since our humble beginnings in 1970, Nimlok has remained committed to producing innovative, high-quality exhibits and displays that bring your brand to life. Move through the graphic timeline below to learn more about the Nimlok story.

Nimlok original locking clip for modular displays

Neil Nimmo – a photographer with a unique idea for portable backdrops - founded Nimlok Ltd. in England in 1970. Neil invented a lock-and-clip panel system that made backdrops portable and reconfigurable. The Nimlok name was established by combining Neil Nimmo’s last name with the locking properties of the locking-and-clip panel system that he invented – NIMLOK.

The concept behind Nimlok was developed by Neil Nimmo, and one of his greatest business partners and friends, Gerald Perutz partnered to form the company, Nimlok Ltd.

1979 free-standing modular display

Nimlok introduces a “custom modular” production approach. Orders were built using standardized components resulting in displays that looked custom but were more efficient and cost-effective.

Nimlok Niles Illinois facility old photograph of warehouse opening

Neil Nimmo and partners, Gerald and Simon Perutz, open the first Nimlok distributorship in the United States in Chicago. Simon leads the product development, sales and marketing efforts!

modular display in Nimlok history

Nimlok U.S. introduces the Nimlok Easy® line of lightweight folding displays systems, which allowed for multiple panel positions and configurations. This system required no tools for assembly, shipped via UPS and was a huge hit!

Historical Nimlok modular booth

Due to its widespread success in the United States, Nimlok opens its doors in Toronto, Canada!

Nimlok concentrates on building a full offering inclusive of portable displays, modular displays and full exhibit environments.

Nimlok Walkon historical product portable display

Nimlok continues innovating and introduces a new portable display: the Walkon, a portable 15lb backdrop, which packed into a tote bag! In 1987 Nimlok’s ownership is transferred from Neil Nimmo to the Perutz family.

Nimlink Nimlok product history

Innovation continues and Nimlok introduces Nimlink® - a connecting system designed to be used with standard Nimlok components to make exhibits even more modular and configurable.

Watch an interview with Simon Perutz from 1988!

Nimlok Limited in the United Kingdom appoints Tim Perutz as President.

Tim Perutz, Simon Perutz’s brother, is appointed head of Nimlok Limited in the United Kingdom.

Nimlok historical Compact Popup display

Innovation and product development continues! Nimlok introduces the Compact® Popup Display System, one of the first graphic mural displays in the industry! It also focuses on custom modular exhibits using proprietary-designed truss and aluminum extrusion frames.

historical fabric banner printed at Nimlok

In 1998, Nimlok achieves ISO 9001:2008 certification for quality, eco-friendly manufacturing. Nimlok also began printing graphics in the US & UK!

Nimlok graphic print room
2000 - 2007

Nimlok’s dealer network in the US grew to 120 dealers!

It began expanding its “consultative approach” to custom exhibit design and brought graphic design and fabric printing services in-house.

Nimlok introduces the Velocity® modular display line, a series of portable modular exhibits that were designed to be configured and customized.

Nimlok handshake

Nimlok USA merges with Orbus Visual Communications and becomes the first company in its class to achieve ISO 14001:2004 environmental management certification, which recognizes an organization’s commitment to environmental protection.

Orbus Visual Communications Woodridge building

Nimlok moves to a new manufacturing and distribution facility in Woodridge, IL with Orbus Visual Communications and all its divisions - marking the largest expansion yet. The 350,000 sq. ft. facility combined the company’s custom exhibit manufacturing capabilities, its portable display production and graphic printing operation under one roof.

Divergent 20 x 60 custom trade show booth with cars on display

Nimlok continues to thrive in the United Kingdom, Canada and in the United States. Its dealer network across the US continues to grow and support organizations in bringing their brand to life through displays and exhibits, small to large in scale. It is focused on quality, environmental preservation and as always – realizing the end client’s goals of success.