On the show floor it’s very easy for booth staff to spend excessive time chatting with friendly and engaging visitors about all sorts of irrelevant nonsense – but minutes on the show floor are precious. You have a limited time frame to work with. Make the most of it by asking the right questions. These questions should focus on the attendee’s business needs and concerns, especially as they relate to your product or service. To do this, be sure to:

1. Prepare 3-5 engaging questions before the show

2. Encourage visitors to spend time with you by being friendly and non-threatening

3. Build rapport but remain focused

4. Ask questions that stimulate thought and encourage conversation

5. Use who, what, where, when, why, or how questions

6. Keep questions related to your industry, especially your product or service

7. Skip trite questions such as, “Can I help you?” or “Are you enjoying the show?”

When hiring presenters, give them a firm deadline for equipment requests. Equipment ordered on-site can be prohibitively expensive – if it’s available at all!


Written by Susan A. Friedmann, CSP, The Tradeshow Coach, Lake Placid, NY, working with exhibitors and meeting & event planners to improve their event success through coaching, consulting and training.

Website: www.thetradeshowcoach.com