Your tradeshow routine regularly needs a once over to purge unproductive routines, tighten slipshod demonstrations, and attend to all the other nuts and bolts that make for smooth sailing.

Here are the top three things you can do to clean up your exhibit:

1. Open Training Camp:

All of your booth staff, veterans, and novices need a regular refresher. Take time to go over qualifying questions, lead generation, dress codes, and product demonstrations.

2. Throw Open the Windows:

Let bright, fresh new ideas into your exhibit planning stage. Solicit ideas from departments outside of your own, or take cues from other industries. The trick of a great idea is to apply it appropriately to your exhibit.

3. Take Inventory:

Check your signage, graphics, and every other aspect of your display. These items often bear the brunt of shipping, packing, unpacking, and repacking several times a year, resulting in dings, cracks, and damage. These can easily be overlooked, but they impact how visitors see your booth and your company! Take time to repair, replace, or refurbish as needed.