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1. Design – This concept expresses the need to start with the end in mind. Based on your exhibiting goals, you need time during your before show preparation, to really think about your key message and your target market. Then, together with your exhibit designer (external or internal – small booth or large booth), take your ideas and make them visual. If you’re an analytic, get help. There’s an over-abundance of creative types out there in the marketplace, use their talents to help make you different and stand out from the crowd.

2. Story – If you remember back to your school days of “show and tell” didn’t you love to share your stuff with friends, classmates, teachers, and the like – in fact, anyone who would listen to your story. Believe it or not, we’re all born storytellers, and “story listeners.” If you’ve ever been around kids at bedtime know that story time reigns supreme.
Think about how you could take your exhibiting message and turn it into a visual story. Admittedly, for some products and services, this is easier than others. Once again, seek out the creative help you need.

3. Symphony– This concept is all about “seeing the relationships between relationships.” In other words, taking an idea and talking about it in a whole new way that people truly relate to, and more importantly, remember. For example, it is where you relate one thing to another in a unique way that allows an individual to fully understand (and visualize) what is being explained to them. This is truly a symphony in action.

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